Relying on your requirements, Skipper offers different types of services:


We start by studying your product and testing modules, if available. We have to start somewhere, right matey? We can help you set up preliminary tests, create infrastructure design, and even begin recruiting your staff. 

We test everything – mobile, desktop, etc. We can test it or teach you how, so you can do it yourself. The choice is yours.

Advanced infrastructures and solutions require a deep understanding of automation; this is where Skipper can bring it home.

We are comprehending the pain points, building CI servers, and designing the most optimal tailor-made solution to suit your needs.

We know that dealing with architecture can be overwhelming at times. That is why Skipper guides you all the way to the safe shores.

You can’t run automation tests without a solid infrastructure. It is the primary building block for automation modules. 

You need to connect the logic layers with the business layers. We can help you set up CI servers, databases, crucial software components, BDD, and also help you hire a complete team of developers. 

Every platform, every test, and every module needs to work and connect in harmony. Trustworthy infrastructure is your key to automation succession and smooth sailing.

Every automation needs a reliable process it can work with, it can be achieved in several ways. We can assist you by recruiting new developers, developing new modules, and commencing infrastructure foundations. 

When the time comes to start the automation process, we are here to guide you through it in calm and turbulent waters. 

Deciding on the right process for your tests may not be difficult; the trick is to make it all work the way you want and have it communicate with the rest of the pipeline, this is where Skipper comes in.

You have done your due diligence with the automation process, and it’s up and running satisfactorily. Now what? You need to keep going.

Skipper helps you add and remove new features, updates, and functions that can affect the process;

Keep her steady, laddy, the trip isn’t over yet.

Together, we can build trust and maintain it. Keep you in the green so that you can focus on the green.

Recruitment & Training

Recruitment Training

In today’s market, finding the right people for the right job is hard enough, but keeping them may be even harder.

At Skipper, we take care of both, we bring you the best people for automation services in the business, and you can recruit them “for keeps” if you need someone on deck at all times.

If you have your own strong seamen or seawomen, we can help train them with updated best practices to fit an ever-changing market. 

We have been doing this training for years and are happy to share our experience. 

We share our knowledge so we can share the booty!

In the sea of automation testing, what type of Skipper are you?



No automation process.

Row Boat

Row Boat

Tried to build an automation process to no success.

Pedal Boat

Pedal Boat

Have a basic automation process and wish to improve it.

Jet Boat

Jet Boat

Require advanced modules, CI servers, in-house developers, and more.

Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship

You have a running infrastructure but need the workforce and experience to speed up testing.

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