Senior Core Engineer


We are looking for a Senior Core Engineer who is passionate about technology, performance, and product scalability. Someone with intensive experience with a multitenant environment, high-scale distributed systems, and a huge number of transactions per second. Someone who can lead performance improvements in E2E from architecture to production, including design, configuration, coding, and deployment.


* Design and implement solutions to evaluate and improve performance and scalability.
* Use monitoring and performance testing tools to help diagnose, improve, and resolve performance issues.
* Promote performance standards and best practices and provide guidance to other software engineers.


* 7+ years of hands-on developer experience and software engineering skills.
* 5+ years experience developing in C/C++.
* Experience designing, developing, and maintaining back-end distributed systems.
* Experience in SQL.
* Strong problem-solving capabilities and analytical skills to identify and resolve SW performance issues.
* Excellent debugging skills in complex systems using various tools.
* Experience with various performance testing tools.
* Excellent communication skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively and present complex concepts.
* Proactive and self-motivated, with the ability to work in a team and independently, and prioritize tasks effectively. * Proficient in English and Hebrew – required.
* Experience with Go lang – Big Advantage.
* Experience with AWS Cloud – Big Advantage.


C/C++. SQL performance testing tools. Go lang AWS Cloud


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