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We are looking for a Senior Automation Engineer who will be at the forefront of leading the implementation of Automation Project within our CI/CD environment. This dynamic and challenging role, will take charge of designing, developing, and maintaining the automation framework along with the test suites expansion to guarantee the quality and reliability of our software products. Join us on this exciting journey and let’s make a lasting impact together! What’s the Job? Lead Automation Project: Design, develop, and implement automation solutions using TypeScript/Playwright framework. Maintain Test Framework: Take ownership of the automation framework and test suites to ensure software quality and reliability. Enhance Automation Framework: Drive continuous improvements to adapt to evolving project requirements and industry best practices. Increasing Coverage: Implement new test scenarios to expand coverage and strengthen test scenarios. Problem Resolution: Investigate and troubleshoot issues during automation, collaborating with development teams for timely resolution.


* 4+ Years of Automation Testing with a focus on TypeScript/JavaScript and Playwright framework.
* Proficient in independently developing entire automation solutions.
* Previous experience leading automation projects to drive quality improvements and efficiency gains.
* Strong interpersonal and communication skills for effective collaboration with cross-functional teams.
* Problem-Solving skills to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve issues in a timely manner.
* Commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends in automation testing.


Communication Test Automation Automation Boundaries (Land) Interpersonal Communication Problem Solving Process Automation Reliability Scenario Testing Software Quality


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